VISION University Program

The aim of the VISION university program is to support teaching establishments and university research groups by offering discounts on software for qualified programs. By making VISION available to university teaching and research groups, AMCAD helps students take their design projects a step further in terms of creativity and innovation.

VISION offers a revolutionary microwave circuit modeling tool for system envelope transient simulations, valid for small and large signal regimes, modulated signals, under operating conditions other than 50 Ohms. This technique makes it possible to predict the actual behavior of RF and microwave circuitry when integrated into an overall communication system.

VISION is compatible with commercial 3rd part system simulation tools for microwave and RF system design. The Vision models can be exported to student’s preferred CAD environment. The efficient, user-friendly interface enables users to analyze circuit behavior intuitively.

VISION Program University

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Who is eligible?

  • Traditional academic departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, EECS, ECE, and Physics
  • Other university research labs, centers and institutions will be evaluated for participation in our program on a case-by-case basis

Software use includes:

  • Individual PhD and Masters level research
  • Integration into RF & Microwave Design courses
  • Student design competitions (IMS)

Licenses are provided to:

  • Universities for teaching courses
  • Individual Masters and PhD candidates
  • MS or PhD Electrical Engineering graduating students

University licenses are granted on a yearly basis

Eligibility depends on VISION being used in an educational environment (for non-commercial/educational purposes).


To enroll in the VISION University Program, please provide the following information about your university program :